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 Obuci se kao Rihanna

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PostSubject: Obuci se kao Rihanna   Sat Jul 26, 2008 7:25 am

Ovo je na engleskom ali valjda cete bar neshto razumeti
Mada poshto ima i slika mozete videti i kupiti neshto slicno
Rihanna always looks smouldering in her videos but she also knows how to do dressed down glamour as well. Our favourite is this skinny jeans and sweater combo with this seasons must have accessory, the skinny belt...

Skinny jeans still reign when it comes to earning points in the style stakes. These indigo ones are good for curvier ladies as the darker shading will help slim down those thighs.

It's still a little warm to be thinking about sweaters but this sleeveless beige polo neck is an essential wardrobe staple. It's perfect for providing a little warmth whilst still flashing some flesh.

Just as we've all got wearing the wide belt down to a tee the new skinny belt has emerged. Wear high up around your waist but beware about fastening too tight and creating an unsightly muffin top!

Shades are every girls best friend come rain or shine and the latest design to have are these black ones perfect for hiding traces of a late night behind. This pair from Gucci are pricey but worth investing in for a glamourous touch to any outfit.

Rihanna usually wears colorful, girly tops with baggy jeans that are either destroyed and distressed, decorated with embroidery, or splattered with paint. She pairs it all with bright, funky sneakers that really catch your eye. Her clothes may be casual, but her jewelry is anything but. Wearing big, glamorous necklaces, bracelets and earrings, Rihanna proves that she's one hot mama!

You need a stud tee - classy and gorgeous.Rihanna has a huge collection of black wet-looking skinny jeans.You should have slim and fit legs to wear those though!A large fashion leopard tote bag will make you look like a real Fashion Queen.The boots should be leather - to fit the look of the jeans.

You can get her hot DSquared Halter Jumpsuitkerio winroute 6 torrent for about $165 (on sale at www.saks.com!)...
...Slip on a pair of two toned pumps, like this $198 pair by Michel Perry...
...then skimp on these big hoop earrings that are only $5.80 at www.forever21.com.

To get Rihanna's look, first look for a long-sleeve black one-button blazer. Ideally the hemline should fade away from the button and the jacket should be fitted. Next, look for a pair of high waisted black hot shorts with a little bit of shine to them. These are the basics of the outfit, so you should definitely find these items first.
Rihanna wore a pair of black patent platform lace-up booties with gold accents to the VMA's but the chance of finding these exact shoes are minuscule. Instead, just focus on finding a black lace-up bootie that is comfortable; because booties are a hit for fall, you might want to find one that you really like, because this is definitely a shoe you will use again and again!
Unless you already own a black fedora, you will probably want to buy a cheap one from a costume shop.
Next go to an arts and crafts store and find square, medium-sized amber colored craft jewels or sequins that you can attach to the fedora and down the sides of the blazer sleeves (if you donít mind altering the jacket, that is). If you canít find jewels, then try finding a ribbon that is the right color and has an interesting pattern to use instead
Once you have all the basics of the costume, itís time for the finishing touches. If the weather permits, throw on a pair of sheer nude tights that have no control band, or a very high cut pair, because of the short shorts.
Grab a pair of black satin gloves and a gold ring with an amber jewel to mimic the fedora and a pair of gold hoop earrings.

We love how brave Rihanna is with colour and itís probably the thing that distinguishes her most from so many other girls from Tinseltown. This shocking shade of blue is an amazing example of statement dressing that works surprisingly well when toned down with neutrals.
:: Barn Dance Dress $80.00 from Dotti
:: Analis by Stuart Weitzman $490.00 from Scarpa
:: Metallic Snake Blazer $27.00 from Strandbags
:: Mixed Bangles $19.90 from Wild Pair

Tunics are still a favourite of ours, and a great way to luxe them up a little is by choosing one with a fun fabric. Rihannaís chosen a white georgette with detailing, while ours has a fantastic sheer spotted fabric. Wear it layered over denim or belted at the middle!
:: Paraguay Dress by Valarie Taloosa $349.00 from Blanco Boutique
:: Soda Stella $99.90 from Wildpair
:: Bow and Charm Bangle Detail Set 17.00 from Dotti
:: Heart Necklace $17.50 from Wildpair
:: Black Michela Bag $299.00 from Country Road
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Obuci se kao Rihanna
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